About Company

MAA VAISHNO INFRA HOMES PVT LTD. is a vibrate real estate company based in Lucknow. We are driven by passion to create iconic developments that bear the mark of flawless construction, exemplifying outstanding sense of planning and design in all its real estate endeavors.

We are also having projects running with full swing i.e. Maa Vaishno Residency, DLW Varanasi, Maa Vaishno Apartment, BHU Lanka. We have developed Maa Vaishno Nagar Colony Phase-I & Developing Maa Vaishno Nagar Colony Phase-II 100 acres approx. in Ramnagar Varanasi. Shiv Shakti Apartment, Chitaipur, Varanasi Amenities one of highest standards and the location is early accessible has been designed keeping in mind your needs, desires & aspirations.

The Group's strength is delivery of its promises through meticulous planning, emphasizing on essentioal requirements, importance of location, connectivity and convenience, budget limitation by value for money to the customer, backed up quality material, workmanship and after sales service.

We aim to be recognized as an avant-grade in the dynamic realty sector, by etching its pathway on the road map through its ongoing and upcoming projects and thus contribuing to the positive equity of India's growth and capitalize on the dynamic opportunities in real estate and infra structure development.